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Proofreading and Copy Edit Plus

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Level 1 – Proofreading

You may write something wonderful, but if there are spelling, punctuation, formatting, or word use errors, readers may turn off before you hook them into reading more. Proofreading is more than just fixing commas. It involves correcting formatting, punctuation, spelling and word use errors. It is the final step in ensuring that your message or story is seen in the best light, your voice is preserved, and your writing reflects a level of professionalism that will keep your readers not only engaged, but coming back for more.

Level 2 – Light Copyediting

Copyediting is a deeper, more technical approach to text. Aside from correcting spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar, light copyediting also involves research to verify basic facts, ensuring consistency in style, creating style guides, and flagging content inconsistencies and holes in the project. Trademark and copyright issues will also be flagged.

Level 3 – Editing

This is the highest level of service. It includes Level 1 and 2 and looking deeply at content to make sure everything makes sense and flows. At times, spending so much time with a book or other writing project, one doesn’t see errors the conscious can miss. A different set of eyes looking at your project can make the difference between selling your work or it sitting on the shelf. The editing, rewriting, moving content will always be done with approval from original writer.